Textile, clothing and footwear industry

Customer management

Microsoft Dynamics solutions automate customer service. For effective work with customers, it is possible to select the necessary products from a database that stores descriptions of all products. When placing an order, the necessary forms are automatically generated, indicating the customer, order contents, address and delivery time.

Microsoft Dynamics solutions provide opportunities for individual work with clients, for example, several discount options: cumulative discounts, volume discounts, one-time discounts.

Production planning

Microsoft Dynamics solutions allow you to form production plans based on sales forecasts, taking into account seasonal factors. The calculation of production requirements for raw materials and materials is carried out taking into account the availability of products in warehouses and reserves of previous production orders. When forming a procurement plan for raw materials and materials, the minimum warehouse stocks and indicators of production costs are taken into account.

Using Microsoft Dynamics solutions, you can calculate what production capacity is required to fulfill orders. The system keeps a daily record of manufactured products and work in progress.

The cost of manufactured items is calculated based on the cost of BOM items and incremental manufacturing costs. Microsoft Dynamics solutions allow you to carry out the final costing of actually used materials and calculate the profitability of production.

Warehouse management

Solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform give you the ability to manage any number of warehouses. Microsoft Dynamics solutions will help you to ensure high efficiency of warehouse management processes, regardless of the number and characteristics of items of item names. Microsoft Dynamics solutions allow you to integrate software with warehouse equipment, in particular, equipment for barcoding and barcode reading.

The system supports the maintenance of the following warehouse documents:

• acts of write-off and posting;

• acts of inventory;

• internal and transit movements.

Thanks to solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform, you can accelerate the creation of orders for item write-off from warehouses and ensure the accuracy of write-off regardless of the human factor. Warehouse workers do not need to know the exact storage locations of items, since Microsoft Dynamics solutions store the entire history of the movement of goods through the warehouse.

Microsoft Dynamics solutions allow you to generate reports on goods stored in warehouses, reserve warehouse units, manage shipments of goods, delivery times, and additional services that you can provide to customers (for example, special packaging and delivery of products).