Banking sector

Solution for Insurance and Leasing enterprises

Solution capabilities:

  1. Accounting of orders and mutual interactions between accounts, formulating of leasing rules during negotiations
  2. Records on incoming and outgoing mail, e-document storage
  3. Project status leadership
  4. Management of past projects, contracts, inquiries archives
  5. Information accessibility level determination acording to specific projects
  6. Formation of commercial inquiries, payment schedules and specifications
  7. Project financial component support
  8. Option to create specific contracts: credit contracts, purchase contracts, margin contracts, leasing object insurance contracts
  9. Accounting of advances, debts, overpayments and penalties

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Solution for Insurance and Leasing enterprises is composed of three correlated parts: Leasing projects, Leasing business accounting and Leasing business budget.

Leasing projects

Management of leasing, supply, credit and insurance contracts accounts. Users of the solution have access to:

  1. Client and supplier card management
  2. Client and supplier grouping and classification
  3. History of relationship with clients
  4. Management of leasing contracts
  5. Calculation and adjustment of leasing payment schedules
  6. Importing and exporting of leasing schedules from and to Microsoft Excel
  7. Banks, liquidity suppliers

Leasing business accounting

Accounting, management and reporting options were created according to business specifics of leasing companies. Besides functionality that is standart to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the solution incorporates following functions:

  1. Settlement between suppliers and recipients of leasing
  2. Analysis and control of debt of creditors and debitors
  3. Automatic billing on the principal amount and interest
  4. Import and export of bank statements
  5. Calculation of FKTK income / expenditure and balance sheet

Account budget

The solution automates the function of short-term and long-term planning for the leasing company, as well as management of cash flow:

  1. Drafting and confirmation of the budget
  2. Budget accounting according to budget statement of leasing company
  3. Use of budget package: composing a higher level budget from lower level budgets (income/expenses budget, etc.)
  4. Filling of the operating budget based on the schedule of leasing payments, deliveries, payments to suppliers, customs fees, interest payments on loans
  5. Collection of items in the budget of the operating budgets (budget lease payments, budget payments for equipment maintenance budget loans, budget, other payments)
  6. Harmonization of the budget with the plan accounts of leasing company
  7. Monitor budget implementation, separation of plan and factual budget
  8. Payment plan and budget branch consolidation

Thanks to system flexibility, it can be integrated into any leasing company profile, since system parameters can be changed, inluding account plan and budget structure. With the help of built-in customization and report development tools you may add any new function required for specific leasing company profile.

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