The logistics services market is growing rapidly. Industrial enterprises focus on core business and outsource the transportation of products to specialized companies. Transport and logistics companies provide their clients with services such as:

  • delivery of goods from the supplier;
  • lease of intermediate warehouses;
  • customs services;
  • certification services;
  • customer stock management in warehouses;
  • acceptance, sorting of goods;
  • responsible storage;
  • assembly of orders;
  • pre-sale preparation;
  • delivery of orders.

  • Transport and logistics companies strive to expand their range of services and improve the quality of customer service. Those who get ahead in the competition, the number of customers grows, respectively, the volume of freight traffic increases and the warehouse network expands, as a result of which the business loses controllability and, consequently, competitiveness. That is why all transport and logistics companies, at a certain stage of growth, realize the need to implement complex management systems that automate the business processes of enterprises, and then Microsoft Dynamics solutions come to the rescue.

    Microsoft partner solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform enable your freight forwarding company to:

    automate all business processes of the company, including the sale of services for the delivery of goods, the organization of cargo transportation, finance and accounting;
    unite geographically distributed divisions of the company into a single information structure;
    provide information support for business growth and expansion.
    Microsoft Dynamics solutions improve the reliability of supplies, reduce operating costs, increase the efficiency and flexibility of transport and logistics management, the efficiency of management of transport and warehouse assets and the level of service provided.