Microsoft Dynamics solutions are a modern flexible tool that will allow you to increase the accuracy of calculating the production cost and procurement efficiency, optimize the company's inventory and logistics of supplying finished products to customers, analyze the company's activities in accordance with customer requirements and market standards for the chemical industry, and successfully plan the development of the company. ...

 Manufacturing management

Microsoft Dynamics solutions for the pharmaceutical industry provide a BOM-based recipe engine and support recipe-based routing. The selection of raw materials for the production of drugs is carried out from the number of items available in the warehouse, in accordance with the chemical composition of the ingredients and the required type of packaging. At the formulation level, the cost of drugs is estimated.

 Microsoft Dynamics pharmaceutical solutions support quality assurance including viscosity, flow, and more. The planning department can manage the sequence of production orders through the system interface.

 Warehouse management

Microsoft Dynamics solutions for pharmaceutical companies provide for a warehouse structure that allows separate processing of primary documents for conventional and potent drugs, as well as the presence of quarantine warehouses where non-certified finished products are stored. Storage in one storage bin of drugs with different residual shelf life is not allowed. Goods with a residual shelf life less than the allowable one are automatically separated from the main goods.

 Microsoft Dynamics solutions allow you to create any assembly package for each customer and print the corresponding assembly sheet.

Quality control

The quality control controls in Microsoft Dynamics solutions are designed specifically for pharmaceutical companies and address the specific requirements of the industry. The system supports several types of quality certificates, hygiene certificates, etc.

 For finished products, the registration of quality certificates has been implemented - certificates issued by various certification bodies, the relationship of the certificate with various certificate holders and control of the validity of certificates are supported.

 Sales and customers

Solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics allow you to form a contract for the purchase of pharmaceuticals. The system checks that the client has a license to distribute and resell medicinal products. Export control instruments form the necessary documents for the customs authorities, in accordance with the legislation.